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All About Us offers authentic handcrafted merchandise direct from West Africa. Our inventory is hand selected to showcase the vibrant colors and patterns that express the culture and heritage of Africa. We exclusively carries Adinkra inspired backpacks & genuine leather handbags along with other unique African Apparel.

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All About Us only partners and purchases for manufactuers in Africa. Revenue for sale directly benefit those in under delvoped countries such as Ghana and Gambia empowering people inot a brighter future. Thank you for your countinued support.


Community Blackout Market

The Community Blackout Market was created in 2018 as a venue to encourage and promote economic empowerment, self-love and respect within our community. The market takes place 3 times a year centered around cultural and historical significance. Annual Celebration BlackExcellence in Feb. (Malcolm X day in May, and Marcus Garvey Day in Aug). Our next market is the Annual Celebration of Black Excellence Festival February 11th 2023 2pm-7pm in West Palm Beach FL, 33401 which will be geared toward empowering the community through multiple positive means.The market has created an atmosphere appropriate for all ages and welcoming to all walks of life. Providing positive music, live performances, games, contests, and more where consumers and business owners can connect beyond simple monetary transactions into a more personal and community empowering interaction.

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