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Community Blackout Market- Celebration of Excellence

Written by Nyota King


Posted on November 11 2022

The members of The Community Blackout Market are hosting our Annual Celebration of Black Excellence Festival which is geared toward empowering the community through multiple positive means. The market has created an atmosphere appropriate for all ages and welcoming to all walks of life. Providing positive music, live performances, games, contests, and more where consumers and business owners can connect beyond simple monetary transactions into a more personal and community empowering interaction. The Community Blackout Market will be taking place at The RBG House 634 15th Street 33401 in West Palm Beach on February  11th, 2023 1pm-6pm. We have decided to host this family fun day during Black History Month in the spirit of promoting black entrepreneurs and the celebration of many of our ancestors before us. 

We do this to encourage and promote economic empowerment, self-love and respect within our community. The past couple of years have been an economic challenge for many in our community and we like to use this opportunity to serve as an thriving economic incubator for small black businesses in our community. Back during segregation Tamarind and Pleasant City were considered to be economic centers to our community, that’s why we feel so strongly to continue hosting these markets. There was pride in keeping the area stimulated with our own forms of revenue. We as the CBOM believe that this type of energy is imperative to upheld today's economy. We are committed to making such a vision a reality again by providing community events where families can come together to interact in a positive setting in their own communities. Where small local businesses can connect  with potential consumers that may not have been aware of their existence. Where elders, youth and all in between can participate in games and activities to strengthen community and family bonds. The Great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Said “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” This is one way we feel we can do for others. Let’s Build economically! 

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