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Need to know Before you travel to Africa!!!

Written by Nyota King


Posted on September 24 2020

Africa is a beautiful and majestic continent and I encourage you travel when or if you can. But, there are many things you should know before you go. As, I've traveled there twice and learned so much. I'd like to educate you so let's start the basics.  

1) Passport & Visa

Passport MUST be obtain before any international travel. You can apply by paper application which be pick at most local U S.Post Offices or apply online at the link provided:

Please read and fellow all instructions carefully, so your application will be approved without delay. It can take 2-3 weeks to receive by mail, do consider this a time sensitive matter. I recommend applying at least 3 months in advance of planned trip.

Depending on the country you are traveling to you may need a visa. You check with the embassy of the country you will be traveling to. Must visas are valid for one year, but the are circumstances were you get a visa valid for 5yrs. 

2) Cost does not include: Cost of Passport &/or Cost of Visa, Immunizations &/or Inoculations, Malaria Pills, Meals not listed (except meals listed on brochure)

 3) Travel Insurance: Tour percipients may obtain TRIP PROTECTION INSURANCE. This coverage will protect against trip cancellations, loss of luggage, and medical emergencies. We strongly recommend travel insurance.

4) INOCULATIONS (Shots): Many countries require Yellow Fever inoculation for entry into the country. Please consult with your physician regarding any medical concerns prior to booking your place on the tour. However, if over the age of 65 yrs, you are not required to get a yellow fever immunization. Check with the individual countries embassy website.

5) LUGGAGE: Only two pieces of luggage may be checked in (max. 50 lbs.) and one small-size piece carry-on weighing a maximum of 15 lbs. may be carried on the flight. The airlines are very strict about this luggage requirement. The cost for weight overage is exorbitant. Pack wisely shop wisely. Be careful of possible overweight coming back to the US, there are fees applied.

6) DRINKING WATER: Drinking bottled water is advised on these tours. Bottled water can be purchased from local stores near the hotels; this is less expensive than doing so at the hotels. Do Not Drink local unfiltered water, this can make you sick.

 7) Currency/ Exchange rate: Each country has its own form of currency, please check with that country's embassy website. Download a currency converter app to provide correct calculation for current exchange rates because the exchange rate changes daily. Large denominations of US currency (new $50/$100) yield a higher rate than using smaller bills. Some banks offer money ordering service, where you can order the currency here in the states before you. You can always exchange money at the hotels where you will be staying, but the rate is much less. Credit cards can be used in hotels and certain restaurants. The majority of local shops and vendors do not accept credit/debit cards.

8) CELL PHONE: International cell packages can purchase through your cell phone providers prior to departure. Another option is to use WHATS APP which connects to the internet/ Wi-Fi in the hotels or restaurants. Made sure your family and friends download the app also.Or you can buy a sim card and phone card (minutes) to used with a un-locked phone. But I do not recommend buying a phone, must trips are only ten days. You will also  need to buy an international adapter for you phones/devices.

9) MARKETPLACE: Paying the original asking price or first price is a gift to the seller, Bargain or barter for what you want. However, not to low to insult the seller remembering that the people are trying to support their families. Do not carry large amounts of money while in the marketplaces. 

10) Safety: This is the most important tip!!!!! Do not bring any expensive or valuable jewelry this increases the chances of theft. Carry any valuables, money or phones in front pockets, a fanny packed or crossed shoulder bag. Do not alone or without the group. Do not give money to people in the streets, they will continue to follow you and can get you robbed.

11) Medications: If you take daily medications I recommend you bring a weeks extra dose, this is in case you lose any.This is the same if your wear glasses. Having a small first aid kit for minor bug bites or cuts alone with aspirin or tylenol is highly recommend.

Safe and happy travels & see you on the other side of the atlantic!


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